Hey you who just stumbled across my website and has no idea who I am!!  Welcome to my life!!  Here’s a “top ten” summary as you consider whether or not to follow me on this journey... hahahahaaha! So strap on and let’s go!

1. I’m Brazilian, a “carioca da gema” from Rio, but a “paulista” for 10 years, and a New Yorker for the rest of my life (I hope...)!

2. I was a lawyer for years, but everyday I try to forget this “dark chapter” of my life, arght (nothing against them, I actually married one... hahahahaha)

3. Always in love with visual arts and creativity in general, I was a scrapbooking teacher for some tremendously fun years.  I travelled across Brazil and the US learning from teachers, colleagues and my students!!  I will forever cherish that time, as well as the wonderful memories and the countless friends I made!

4. I am married to a holy individual, Lucas!  Each profession I pursue gives him a new alias which he happily carries.  He’s been also known as “scraphubby” and now goes by “hubbyzilla”.  I currently pray to God that he will one day embrace a new hobby: photography!!!!! (It would make my life sooooo much easier... I can’t believe he is not seriously considering a career change... hahahahaha)

5. I’m 36 and have no idea how I got here! Can someone draw it for me?

6. I had 3 daughters in 4 years!! And yes, because I wanted to... hahahahahaha... None of them were an accident, all were planned and long awaited!!! I must confess that I initially expected the third to be a boy, but I can’t think of life without my youngest, Nina! Simply impossible, as you shall see!  3 girls that every day change who I am and who I want to be!

7. I used to weigh 180 lbs and – believe it or not – was happy!  But now I am happy and slim... Impossible to beat this combination... hahahahahaha! 

8. I have the spontaneity of a bulldog, the resolve of an ant, the stubbornness of a mule, the laziness of a sloth and the happiness of a dolphin (still don’t know if these animal personalities make any sense at all...  hahahahahaha)

9. I am a human being that is constantly evolving, and that oftentimes moves ten spaces back in order to move 20 spaces forward later! 

10. I love fashion! I love the way the clothes I wear reflect who I am and how I feel!  More importantly, I love the possibility of being able to help others discover their own style and use fashion to express themselves and build their self esteem. 

My journey begins now... here we go (I really hope that after reading all this you choose to stick with me)!!!! 

Nana Cunha


Photos by Martha Sachser