How to entertain your kids on a Sunday morning

This is such a fun project to do with your family!! And before you ask me: Nooooo, my husband is not a handy man at all...! So if he can do it, you can do it too!  Hubbyzillas around the world, especially the American ones, you’re genetically so good around the house, you should give Brazilian men some advice... hahahahahaha!



  • a wall
  • some fun and colorful plates (I bought mine at Anthropologie
  • 3 Marias (or whatever you have at home; boys work fine too)
  • brushes
  • paint
  • old pjs
  • Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips
  • And, last but not least, a generous husband (there’s no link to buy this one, sorrygirls! hahahahaha)

How to:

  • First you lay down all your plates on the floor so you can figure out how you want them placed on the wall, and take a picture with your smartphone so you don’t forget
  • Pick a wall in your house, trace it with blue tape, and cover the floor with brown paper
  • Give a brush to each kid and pray... hahahahaha!
  • Let them start painting with the color you choose (believe me, it’s gonna be messy and probably you'll end up with uneven straight lines on the sides or corners, but this is what makes the result so special: the imperfections that only you can see). Two coats of paint and let it dry.
  • While you wait, start attaching the strips behind the plates (I don’t have pictures of this step because at this moment I was going crazy trying to wash the girls’ hands so the whole house would not get pink... hahahahaha). 
  • The secret here is: because the plates' back are too deep in the center, I had to use double strips (one on top of the other), so I ended up using 10 strips per plate in 5 positions: side, side, top, bottom and center.
  • Choose a plate in the middle to guide you through the process (in my case was the biggest white one with blue flowers)
  • Hold each plate firmly for 30 seconds to prevent it from falling (at least is what the package say to you... hahahahaha)
  • And that’s it, guys! Mine are perfectly in place (so far) and my kitchen is so much fun and cozy to hang out!!!

If you guys try this out, link to your image in the comments section below. I would love to see your beautiful houses and messy kids in the process!!!


Nana Cunha

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