Survival kit

Yes, I have a survival kit!!! First, because I am over 30 (OMG 36); second, because I like to look at least my age (I don’t work with “older”); and third, the world doesn’t deserve to deal with my bare-face every single day… hahahahahaha!

I am a beach girl, always have been and always will be! Living in Rio for 24 years doesn’t help your skin, believe me! In my teenage years, sun protection was something that I used to think was devil’s invention… hahahahahaha! And nowadays of course I have freckles, stains, sun damaged skin, and many variations in between… But, the good news is (yes, there’s some good news guys, stick with me) that now I am much more concerned about my skin and have tried many different products in the past years to treat it and to cover the imperfections that I surely have (like many of us,  right, besides Gisele Bundchen of course… hahahahaha). 

So today I did a Top Ten List (that are actually twelve) of the products that I use on a regular basis to look flawless (uh huh): 

  1. My skin has a tendency for acne, so the only moisturizer I can use without zits on my chin is Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46. They have other versions too: the UV Daily and the AM Therapy that I use in the winter when my skin gets really dry.
  2. I don’t use foundation every day (because gets my skin oily), only for parties and special occasions. So I have a really good powder for my everyday routine - Make up For Ever – Pro Finish. This one feels perfect for me: it has a really good coverage without looking heavy on your skin. I normally have it in three different colors to match my skin tone at any given moment (yes, I still sun bathe… the sun makes me happy… what can I say… but this is another story for another post)
  3. I use mostly cream blushes because they seem to stay with you for the entire day while the powder ones goes away so fast.  I have used this Stila Convertible Color for years now and every time I try a new one (just for fun),  I go back to mine very fast!!!!  
  4. The brush that I found perfect to evenly spread the cream blush is this Bare Minerals – Perfecting Face
  5. My daily eyeliner is Clinique – Quickliner for eyes/07 really black. People ask me all the time which one I use because it never blots and is always in place
  6. My concealer has been the same for years too. I love it so much that I always buy it by the dozens afraid that it will one day be discontinued… hahahahahaha. YSL Anti Cernes – N. 2.  It can cover dark circles and spots perfectly.  
  7. For lips the Chubby Stick Clinique is my easy way to go. It’s really moisturizing and comes in so many colors! I always find one inside any bag I decide to use that day… hahahahaha! 
  8. In terms of fragrances I am totally addicted to Jo Malone. I have so many different ones! Sometimes I just mix them up to make a fresh new scent. (The worst part is never knowing what to say to the person in the elevator that asks what perfume are you wearing… hahahaha)
  9. If I am running late to pick up/drop off the Marias in any place that’s the end of my routine. But if I have a little more time or I am going out that night, I put some mascara too. I’ve been using this mascara for a short time now but loooooving it! It’s the Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara. Really makes your eyelashes gigantic and curled! 
  10.  If I want some really fast smokey eyes, I just trace a line with the Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – 3DBCA and use the brush to spread. It has a little sparkle on it that my daughters simply adore.
  11. For powerful lips I wear Le Rouge Givenchy Lipstick –Framboise Velours 315.
  12. And, last but not least, my Detox Dry Shampoo – Drybar. It’s a must when you don’t have time to wash your hair but still want it to look healthy, fresh and clean. 

That’s a wrap, Zillas!! I’m totally not a make up guru, professional or Youtube tutorial kind of girl. I just wanted to share the products that I use every day in my normal momzilla life… hahahahaha!

Kisses, kisses!


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