Believe me, I’m not a “big fan” kind of person! I have never had a favorite sport or band, and never ever went crazy over some specific movie or series that I couldn’t stop watching! I’ve always been too laid back to be a huge fan of something… hahahahahaha! This is soooooooo much trouble and I have this laziness inside me that prevents me of doing lots of crazy stuff (thank God)…

But then Donald Robertson  appears in front of me, and I experienced for the first time some really weird symptoms. Sweaty and shaking hands, butterflies in my stomach, difficulty to speaking and a shyness that doesn’t belong to me at all… hahahahahaha!

And he was just there smiling, being so nice to everybody, having a good time, doing what he does effortlessly, better than anyone I know: art!!!! That night I couldn’t sleep staring at my gorgeous piece of art, my customized bag!! Its going to be framed and hung in my apartment with my Picassos and Van Goghs (ok, this last part is totally not true, I don’t have any of those two… hahahahahaha) but now I have a Donald, and it feels just as special!

Watch out Donald, if you ever go to Brazil you will find lots of crazy huggers in your way… hahahahaha! Thanks again for making my day!!!! 

White shirt – Carolina Herrera (sold out) similar item

Cropped top – Anthropologie (sold out)

Blazer – Karl Lagerfeld for The Outnet 

Bag – Chanel

Short necklace – Mary Esses

Long necklace – Givenchy

Sunglasses – Dior

Ring – Eva Fehren

Golden rings – Maison Margiela for Net-a-Porter

Earrings - Juliana Manzini (sold out) similar item

Blue Trousers – Daslu (Brazil) similar item

Photos by Fabiana Moraes at Bergdorf Goodman during the special event #DonaldArtBombsBergdorf