When I’m happy, I give “Bags”

Are you guys ready for the first Blogzilla giveaway??? I hope so because it is very simple (not really... hahahahahah, but don’t give up on me)! The prize is totally worth it!

My bag is like a black hole: you can find everything you don’t need and nothing you can actually need... hahahahaha!  So I always have at least 3 sunglasses (I need options guys, come on!), some toys for the Marias, my wallet,  snacks, charger, band aid, lipstick and water (besides the countless receipts that I simply forget to throw away)

So you can have a chance to win my handbag(*), but I want to find out what’s in YOUR handbag!!! 

Here’s the deal:

1.Take a picture of your handbag and the stuff you carry inside

2. Post it on Instagram with the #zillashandbagismine and tag me @notyouraverageblogzilla

3. Leave a comment on this post with your email address

4. Jump for one hour and roll for another (just kidding...hahahahaha!)

5. The end

(*) valid worldwide!

You have until Tuesday night (May 26th) to post and comment - I’m going to do the lottery on Wednesday,  and whoever wins will receive at home this beautiful Coach Dakotah purple bag  to make a gorgeous look of the day in “zilla’s style”!!! Oh, contents not included, hahaha!

Run Forrest, run!!!!!!

Photos by Ju Lima