Are you sure it’s not Summer???

The best part of Summer is dressing like Summer, that’s for sure! But when you get to dress like Summer during Spring it’s even better!!! Because I feel that I still have sooooo much time to wear my Summer clothes that a smile comes up to my mouth immediately! When I get to rescue them from the top part of the closet, its like buying new clothes. Half I don’t remember anymore and the other half I missed so much that is almost like encountering a good old friend… so many stories, so much to catch up… its just a really emotional moment, pifffff… hahahahahaha!    

So, when a picnic in the park is the highlight of the weekend, I go crazy over many clothing options!!! So, nothing more natural (for a blogzilla) to just pack a bag full of clothes (and wine, croissants, tuna salad, macarons, 3 Marias, Brazilian friends, a hubbyzilla, toys, balls, plates, forks, napkins, water, tablecloths, and an Uber - actually 2) and go do some serious shooting to kick of the season, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?????? Hahahahaha!! Stay tuned that some really cool Summer outfits are coming your way in the next few days!!!! 

Dress – Tbagslosangeles by Outnet

Flats – Sartore Paris (sold out) similar style

Red bracelets – Chloe (similar style)

Flower ring – Oscar de La Renta

Feather necklace – Coach (similar style)

Sunglasses – Illesteva

Photos by Ju Lima