Happy wife, happy life!!!

If there's something I really like in my life it is matching my house with my personality! For me life has to be colorful, full of energy, one of a kind, funny, unpretentious and a little bit chaotic (in my case a lot...hahahahaha), just to make sure you appreciate the peaceful and relaxing moments!

I've always been crazy for colors, and putting them together is one of my addictions! It all started with coloring books when I was little, then I moved on to scrapbooking when I was a young adult, and now I'm totally into fashion and interior design!!! I never accepted that yellow cannot go with purple, or pink and red don't match!!! I simply make them go together and live happily ever after...hahahahaha! As far as I know: my house, my rules, my colors! End of discussion, right Hubbyzilla? hahahahaha!

I'll start to share with you guys bits and pieces of my colourful home, as well as places and stores where I usually find the things that satisfy my color cravings...hahahahahaha!

I'm totally in love with Kate Spade home products! They have this edgy super fun design that I feel are irresistible, and on top of that they are unbreakable (what really comes in handy when you have 3 little daughters)!!! Just one con: some pieces cannot go into the dishwasher (personal experience...hahahahahahaha)!