Zilla's essentials - part 1

Hubbyzilla doesn't believe me, but I'm all for having in your closet fewer and good essential pieces that go with everything and never go out of style... I mean, really!!!! But, if you enter MY closet at this exact moment you would never say that... hahahahaha! If someone called me right now and said "you have 5 minutes to pick 10 pieces from your closet to live inside them for the next year" then I would totally reach for those essentials that I mentioned! But let's be honest, nobody is calling me...hahahahaha! So I keep buying stuff that won't go with anything just to buy another piece to go with it, got it? Did I mention I'm a recovering shopaholic?

The point is, I do believe that organized controlled women are superior evolved human beings that can totally rule the world!!  I'm just not one of them!  Maybe one day... naaaaaa... hahahahahaha! Meanwhile, I just want to share with you my 10 top closet essentials, no matter how over the top you may be! In my case, these pieces help me when I don't have time to put a really creative outfit together while still wanting to feel me, in a low profile version, of course ...hahahahaha!!!!

Here are Zilla's top ten:

1. a jeans shirt
2. a white skirt
3. a little black dress
4. a ripped denim pants
5. a striped top
6. a floral long skirt
7. a jacket
8. a cardigan
9. a vest
10. a colorful dress

I really love the white and jeans combo, always effortless chic! In this case I used the accessories to make the look more interesting and edgy but still appropriate for a Saturday in the park with my girls!

Next challenge will be fun! How many different outfits do you think I can do with this top 10 pieces? I'll show you next time, stay tuned!!!

Now, real glamour is changing clothes in the middle of the park and be caught by your photographer...hahahahaha! Where's my staff? Where's my creative director? Where's my changing room? Where's my bodyguard? Where's my make up artist? Next life, blogzilla, next life...hahahahaha!!!

Denim shirt - Loft (similar style)
White skirt - Isabel Marant for Net-a-Porter
Panama hat - Melissa Odabash for Net-a-Porter (similar style)
Sunglasses - Gucci for Net-a-Porter
Sandals - I don't remember the brand and I lost them during the picnic... hahahahaha!
Heart bag - Alice and Olivia (similar style)
Bracelet - Hermès
Necklace - Zeus+Dione for Net-a-Porter
Gold and black ring - Etro for Net-a-Porter

Photos by Ju Lima