Nice meeting you too!!

How to begin my first post of this new adventure? Introducing myself would be too obvious (you can check this out in “About me” though for a pretty good idea of who I am).  I’ve discovered that talking about who I love speaks more about me than a narcissistic monologue!!

This story begins 20 years ago with a couple madly in love that decided to hold hands forever and ever and ever..., and that to this day fulfill their vows (with a few “don’t talk to me!” days along the way). Lucas gives meaning to everything.  

He has my back and is “all in” on my crazyiest ideas while also bringing me back to Earth with his calm “Mariaaaaana” when I get too adventurous! 

Our love gave us our first “unconditional love” experience: Maria Catarina!

The one that teaches me every single day how to be a better mom for her and for her sisters! She is probably 95% of the time more mature than me on a daily basis (which makes me hold on tight to my 5%... hahahaha). A dedicated, caring girl, and with a pure soul and generous heart! Extremely determined, sincere, sensitive and dramatic (like her mom!), while shy, super curious and really responsible, especially for her age (like her dad!). 

Then came our second “unconditional love”: Maria Valentina!

During the C-section, when she was in position, she suddenly spun around and was born “bottoms up”.  At that moment I thought to myself “This one is going to be trouble...” The most independent, the one who lives in her own world (unless she allows you inside – if not, get in line... hahahahahaha)!  She has an effortless and constant smile (even underwater during swimming class – believe it or not!), and is full of energy, friends and creativity! She had cut her head twice, shut down an airport escalator, glued gum in her sister’s hair, broken a few vases around the house, fell from her bunk bed (luckily into my arms), nearly drowned twice, got lost in Disneyworld.... and in the end she usually looks at me smiling and saying “wow, thank goodness that nothing happened, right mom?” 

And our “last but definitely not least unconditional love”: Maria Guilhermina!!! 

She has dual citizenship: Brazilian and cute... hahahahaha... She wins everyone over with her unlimited cuteness and has this hypnotic ability of making everyone fall in love with her with a single look followed by a “do you wanna build a snowman?”

Very opinionated, plenty of personality, hilarious, persistent, comfortable in her own skin and our home’s mascot!  

Everyone wants a piece of her to take home, but they are usually met with a firm, pointy fingered little girl saying “I didn’t like that!”  And that’s that! 

So you may be asking yourself: “What does all this have to do with the blog?”  Absolutely nothing... hahahahahaha!  But there was no other way to kick off a blog about my life, my passion for fashion, my travels, my style, my city, my home, my discoveries and challenges without sharing a bit of the people who live through all this with me day in day out and make me the happiest wife, mother, blogzilla of the planet!!!! Got it?

Photos by Martha Sachser