Happy Anniversary, Hubbyzilla!

On May 27 we celebrated 10 years of marriage!!! I'm still not sure how we got here... hahahahaha! We survived 3 daughters, 3 cities, 3 houses, 3 different careers (mine, of course!) and countless happy (and a few not so happy) moments! But at the end, to look back and see how much we accomplished together is really amazing! I can totally say that my love for him has grown over the years and my level of respect too! I mean, how can you not love someone that "checks in" to all of your craziness, that says "yes" to 3 kids (number 4 is still on the agenda) and loved you even when YOU didn't love yourself, tell me??? People say I'm lucky, and I totally agree...hahahahahaha!

When he's asked if he does any kind of extreme sport, he always answers "yes, I married Mariana"... hahahahahaha!

I know I'm almost a month late with this post... Only the strongest survive my inability of keeping a schedule, remembering that it exists and following it... hahahahaha!

I promise to stick to fashion in the following posts (no more cheesy Zilla love stories) !!!

Restaurant - Del Posto
Dessert - The best Apple pie ever!!!!!!
Dress - Michael Kors (sold out) similar style
Belt - Moschino
Bag - Valentino
Earrings - Dior
Gift - yes, I'm a lucky girl and yes he has the most beautiful signature in the world (I love it  so much that I tattooed on my foot...zillices...hahahahaha)