Zillas essentials - part 2

Who remembers Zilla's top ten closet essentials list I did in the past?  Don't worry, I'm not making you go through a gazillion previous posts to see it...hahahhaha!! I'm cute, I'm nice, and I totally value your time,  so I'm just sharing it with you again:

1. A jeans shirt
2. A white skirt
3. A little black dress
4. A ripped pair of denim pants
5. A striped top
6. A floral long skirt
7. A jacket
8. A cardigan
9. A black top (yes I changed this item because I believe you guys have much more black tops then vests at your closet...hahahahaha)
10. A colourful dress

So I decided to show you guys how each of these pieces can work in two different ways, how versatile your wardrobe can be just changing accessories and small details!! Thinking outside the box makes what you already have in your closet work for you day and night. Consequently, you get the most out of it!!!

I'm starting with number 6: a floral long skirt! No, it's not my lucky number or anything, it's just me being me! My head doesn't work in a normal, logical and progressive way!! I have this annoying tendency to be all over the place very easily... hahahahaha!

Ok, focus Zilla, focus! I absolutely love long skirts: they rock both during the day with platforms and hats as during a fresh summer night with heels and a white blazer!!! To be really creative I used the skirt as a dress for my night outfit and completely transformed the look!

So now, run to your closet and start exercising!! I'm pretty sure you have some good pieces to work on!! Don't forget to show me the results!!! Run Zilla, run!!!!

Blogzilla NYC - Day & Night
Blogzilla NYC - Day & Night
Blogzilla NYC - Day & Night
Blogzilla NYC - Day & Night
Blogzilla NYC - Day & Night


Skirt as a dress - Isabel Marant
Blazer - Zara
Clutch - Una/Beatriz Sánchez ( I bought it in my last trip to Puerto Rico)
Heels - Louboutin
Short necklace - Mary Esses
Round ring - Lanvin
Earrings - Claudia Arbex


Skirt - Isabel Marant
White top - Alice and Olivia
Black vest - Alice and Olivia (similar style)
Hat - Free People
Wedge platform - See by Chloe
Sunglasses - Louis Vuitton
Handbag - Ateen (Brazilian brand) (similar style)

Photos by Martha Sachser