Creating memories

This was such a special day that I'm still trying to find the right words to match the pictures!!!

Three friends, three daughters, three photographers and lots of good energy!!! This photoshoot was a gift from my dear friend  (Ju Lima) who is a photographer too and is always behind the camera!  But this time she wanted to celebrate friendship, love, happiness and created through these amazing pictures a memory that we'll never forget! I can see our 80 years old selves saying: "remember that day in Central Park, we had soooo much fun, we could still run and climb up adventurous we used to be...hahahahahaha"

The point is: you're much more likely to remember the life you immortalized in pictures than the one you didn't! A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away and keeps one side of your brain busy and fulfilled with so many interesting stories to share in the future!!!

So Ju and I put together a list of tips for a successful photoshoot:

- Dress comfortable but always coordinating the outfit colors!! Neutrals like white, navy, black, jeans, beige are an easy pick and totally welcome! They look good together and with the environment surrounding you! (I learned the hard way that you never should wear bright colors for a photoshoot when my friend looked at me before we left the house and yelled: take off this red blazer right now...gulp...hahahahahaha)

- With kids, the approach should always be: let's play in the park and have some fun! Never make them pose in a certain way or make the picture more important than the moment itself! Enjoy your kids, engage them in some playful moments and the consequence will be gorgeous pictures with lots of love showing through!!!

- Don't overdo in make up at the point you look like somebody else, besides you...hahahahahaha!! Of course you should wear some make up but just to look like a better version of yourself. You still want to be able to recognize yourself 10 years from now!!!

- Talk to your photographer and make sure that you set the expectations for that photoshoot!  Communication is key and make you feel secure and comfortable that everyone is in the same boat!

- Don't go crazy with small details! A good photographer will know how to avoid the not so good background or to redirect you to another place when that's the case!

- Don't be embarrassed!!! The photographer probably has already seen it all, and you jumping on the park it's not going to make the world stop! So feel free to be creative and let it go!!!

- Be yourself!!! The best pictures are always the ones we are not realizing that a photographer is there. That amazing second you totally forget you're paying someone to make you look beautiful... and thin, of course...hahahahahahaha!!!!

Go have some fun, Zillas, and make some really good memories in the process!!!

"I love photos because the best thing about it is that it never changes, even when the person in it does!!!"

Skirt - Michael Kors
Jacket - Anthropologie
Top - Alice and Olivia
Shoes - Dolce and Gabbana
Handbag - Dior
Sunglasses - Dior
Bracelet - Hermès

Photos by 18elementos