Beach Therapy

There's no such thing as a perfect family trip, right?! Every family is unique and knows what kind of trips can make them happy (or at least part of the family...hahahahaha). For us, it is the beach! Always have been, always will be!!!

But family trips are tricky!!! When you start to get a really good relaxing time it's time to go back...hahahahahaha! Imagine with 3 little princesses with totally different interests and personalities????

Since we are a family that loves to travel, I  have developed some techniques to make everything go as smooth as possible (not sure if you can say that traveling with 4 women, ask hubbyzilla...hahahahaha)

1. Instead of packing a gigantic suitcase for the 3 girls, I start packing a small one for each of them! It's easier to find their own clothes, they feel responsible for their own luggage and you get less fights in the process of changing clothes everyday!
2. I pack all the outfits together so we don't loose vacation time with endless discussions of what goes with the polka dots skirt!
3. To have an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning (because I'm on vacation too right?..hahahahaha) I leave their clothes separately (before I go to bed) on top of the hotel room table so they can wake up, get dressed and go to breakfast with dad while mom can really start the day peacefully alone...hahahahaha!
4. We take turns!! If in one day Catarina decides the first family activity of the day, on the next it will be another family member! No, it's not a democracy...hahahahaha! But I believe that allowing them to have a voice and make a decision helps them grow confident and mature! Besides, these are the moments they will never forget!
5. If your hotel offers a family photo shoot, I highly recommend you to do it! It's your chance to have the whole family in the same picture!!! Yes, I always  coordinate the outfits and bribe them with candy at the end of the session (happy kids, happy pics... Hahahahaha)
6. If there's a camp at the hotel, use it! You're  not going to be a bad mom because of this! The kids usually have lots of fun, participate in many activities, learn how to make new friends in different environments and YOU Zilla, have a chance to date your husband for a couple of hours!!! See, everybody is happy...hahahahahaha!

Blogzilla NYC - Turks and Caicos

Mom's dress - Rebecca Minkoff (sold out) similar style
Marias' dresses - Crewcuts (sold out) similar style
Dads outfit - Polo Ralph Lauren
Sunset - Turks and Caicos
Hotel - Beaches 
Smiles - Gummy Bear (kidding...hihihihihi)